An Illinois man has lost his divorce settlement appeal. The man was an investment agent during his marriage, and when his wife reportedly stumbled over some questionable activity in their joint business, it resulted in a domestic violence incident that ultimately led to the demise of their marriage. He was sentenced to serve prison time before their divorce could be finalized.

A year after he filed, the couple reportedly claimed to have reached a settlement. However, the man would not sign the final paperwork. The wife requested the agreement enforced, but the man sought to have the oral settlement thrown out and go to trial. Just a few months later, the court heard both sides, and the marriage was ultimately dissolved with the terms of the original settlement. The main sticking point appeared to be the man’s vehicle.

The couple reportedly agreed to sell his Mercedes and use the money to pay the legal fees that resulted from his arrest. Any money left over would be given to the wife. Although he tried to renege on that deal, the vehicle had already been sold. The man tried to argue the car’s value was well above the $25,000 it was sold for, but the court denied his claims. He unsuccessfully appealed, claiming he didn’t agree with his wife on the terms of the settlement and felt he was being coerced.

When Illinois couples are involved in an acrimonious divorce, it can make a divorce settlement difficult to reach. The wife in this situation ultimately prevailed, and she can now move on with her life. Others in a similar situation may feel the need to seek assistance with their cases. Doing so can help them reach an equitable solution as they seek to distance themselves from the marriage.

Source:, “Baecker loses divorce settlement appeal,” Sharon Woods Harris, Jan. 23, 2013