One of the most frightening experiences during a child custody battle is the thought of the other parent taking the child to another country in order to avoid surrendering custody. While this does not often occur, some parents may eventually face this battle. Illinois parents involved in a child custody dispute where this occurs may wish to ensure they are aware of their legal rights so they can better prepare for what is to come.

This scenario happened to a man when his wife fled towards the border with his young daughter. He feared there was a real possibility he would never be able to see her again. Fortunately she was apprehended at the border and detained for possession of drug paraphernalia. The child was placed into protective custody, and the father soon arrived to escort her home.

The incident started after his daughter wasn’t returned after routine visitation. After the father made repeated attempts to contact his ex-wife, he sought the help of authorities. The mother is now facing charges related to child custody interference and endangering the life of their child. Now the man says he plans to petition the court for sole custody. At this time, his ex-wife still has visitation rights, but he hopes to have those rights severed soon.

Illinois child custody battles are typically fraught with emotion. However, when a parent flees in an effort to keep custody, it can turning into a traumatic experience for both the parent and involved child. Anyone experiencing this situation may need to seek court intervention and possibly even the help of law enforcement authorities to ensure their child is safely returned. Unfortunately issues like this can result in a legal battle, but it is very possible a positive resolution can occur with the right guidance.

Source: Liberty Tribune, “Father seeks custody of child after mother heads for the border,” Angie Anaya Borgedalen, Jan. 24, 2013