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Advanced planning could protect money in an Illinois divorce

The financial consequences of an Illinois divorce can be difficult to deal with, making it even more important for spouses to consider taking more of a proactive role in the money aspects of the household during the course of a marriage. There are many steps that spouses who have been somewhat hands-off when it comes to finances can take to become more involved in that side of a marriage. This can include being aware of how much their spouse earns, including any bonuses or commissions that might be awarded, along with controlling at least some aspects of their own finances. Taking such an active role in marital finances might become even more important in the event that a divorce does occur.

Illinois child support guidelines may soon be reformed

The child support system in Illinois will likely be reformed soon. The reforms appear slow to gain traction, as 38 other states have already addressed child support reform and updated their statutes to reflect newer standards. Illinois currently uses a system that requires parents to pay a flat amount based upon how many children they have. This system fails to address the custodial parent's income or the amount of time a noncustodial parent may spend with their child, issues that will likely be taken into account once the law undergoes reform.

Illinois child custody: Father hopes to sever mother's rights

One of the most frightening experiences during a child custody battle is the thought of the other parent taking the child to another country in order to avoid surrendering custody. While this does not often occur, some parents may eventually face this battle. Illinois parents involved in a child custody dispute where this occurs may wish to ensure they are aware of their legal rights so they can better prepare for what is to come.

Imprisoned Illinois man loses appeal over divorce settlement

An Illinois man has lost his divorce settlement appeal. The man was an investment agent during his marriage, and when his wife reportedly stumbled over some questionable activity in their joint business, it resulted in a domestic violence incident that ultimately led to the demise of their marriage. He was sentenced to serve prison time before their divorce could be finalized.

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