Facebook has been in the news more often than not lately. While many Illinois residents use the social networking site as a way to keep in touch with friends and family, one state is using it to seek child support against a man accused of failure to pay. The man reportedly owes thousands of dollars in unpaid child support and the mother of his child is now taking action.

The man’s Facebook photos paint a very different picture of a man claiming he can’t pay his support. He is shown in several photos living a luxurious life. In one of the photos, the man is seen holding up wads of money. One of the captions in the photos appears to refer to the money he is making.

The man in the center of the controversy claims his photos are not indicative of his ability to pay. He claims the money shown in his photos could very well belong to someone else, and he is just using the money as a prop. Another photo under scrutiny appears to show the man at the Buckingham Palace, but he claims it is just a phone app that allows him to place his picture in any background.

The man’s legal team will likely use the defense that he is unable to pay his child support because he is poor. Facebook is being used more often in cases like this to refute these types of representations. When an Illinois resident cannot afford to pay court-ordered child support, they can often seek a modification order. However, when someone appears to be hiding assets in an effort to avoid paying the support, our courts will likely not take kindly to any misrepresentations.

Source: ABC Action News, “Facebook photos to be used in case to prove father can pay child support,” Kristal Roberts, Dec. 12, 2012