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Non-payment of Illinois child support can lead to arrest warrant

Child support warrants for several parents in Illinois have been issued recently. Those who don't pay their child support in a timely manner may be subjected to criminal action. However, it is important to remember that warrants are normally only issued when there is a large amount of money that remains unpaid. Any custodial parent in a situation like this may be forced to seek legal action in order to receive the money the court has ordered.

Guidelines for divorce in Illinois

Several options exist for couples navigating an Illinois divorce. Although most divorces have some emotional strain attached to them, couples can often work out their differences before a proceeding is required to go to court. The law permits any agreement between the parties to stand unless a judge later examines the settlement and finds one party may have unfairly benefitted over another. In such a case, the judge has the authority to overturn a divorce settlement.

Illinois child custody: Marine fights to regain custody of son

A Marine who lost child custody after an Afghanistan deployment has recently had the ruling overturned in his favor. The man and his wife divorced only a year after the birth of their child, and they shared custody. The Marine had primary custody, allowing him to choose the school district the child attended. Once he deployed, child custody was granted to the mother with the understanding it would revert back to him once he returned home. Illinois military parents may commiserate with the plight of this man because they may have experienced the same issues.

Illinois divorce: Man may have faked own death to keep fortune

A woman is in the midst of a nightmare after her husband disappeared. The couple was having marital trouble and she was attempting to challenge the validity of their prenuptial agreement. The husband disappeared soon after, reportedly in an attempt to maintain his fortune in the event of a divorce. Such a story is not the norm for Illinois or any other state, but occasionally divorce dramas can turn into nightmares for the other spouse involved.

Illinois child support: Man's Facebook photos used as evidence

Facebook has been in the news more often than not lately. While many Illinois residents use the social networking site as a way to keep in touch with friends and family, one state is using it to seek child support against a man accused of failure to pay. The man reportedly owes thousands of dollars in unpaid child support and the mother of his child is now taking action.

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