Illinois parents battling over child support can often involve the courts if another parent fails to pay or they feel the other party may be hiding income. One man was recently taken to court, and the end result was a surprise. The man was behind over $60,000 in child support payments over a long period of time. He apparently made no payments, despite a court order.

A judgment for the amount was issued against him, and an intensive investigation into the man’s personal finances was launched. The investigation uncovered numerous bank accounts, real estate properties and vehicles belonging to him. Court proceedings soon began in an effort to collect the past due money.

The man’s bank accounts and motorcycle were about to be seized. A lien was scheduled to be placed upon the man’s home. In October, he was ordered to begin turning his assets over. However, on the day before Thanksgiving, the man wrote a check for over $63,000, effectively cancelling the judgment against him. It is reported the man sold his home in order to keep his motorcycle.

Illinois parents involved in a situation like this know how tough collecting child support can be. Seeking the assistance of a knowledgeable party can often end with the parent receiving the money owed to them. Not receiving child support can be detrimental to a family relying on the payments. In this situation, once the man realized his property was going to be seized, he quickly made amends on the past due funds.

Source:, “Harford man pays back child support to keep ‘hog,’ prosecutor says,” Dec. 4, 2012