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Illinois divorce: High stakes when a business is involved

Illinois couples going through a divorce may be concerned over the property settlement, especially if a business is involved. Many people would choose not to continue working together, but sometimes couples decide to try and make it work. Current reports show that 3.7 million businesses in this country are owned by married couples. With the high rates of divorce, this situation likely occurs more often than people think.

Illinois child support: Man pays to keep from losing bike

Illinois parents battling over child support can often involve the courts if another parent fails to pay or they feel the other party may be hiding income. One man was recently taken to court, and the end result was a surprise. The man was behind over $60,000 in child support payments over a long period of time. He apparently made no payments, despite a court order.

Illinois divorce: Actress files, earnings could be issue

One of 'The Big Bang Theory' stars has filed for divorce. Illinois fans of the show may be interested to know that Mayim Bialik, the actress that plays Sheldon's girlfriend on the hit sitcom, recently announced the split in a blog posting. The actress filed for divorce the same day she made the announcement.

Is it worth fighting for child custody of a teen in Illinois?

A common question for Illinois parents is about when their children will be old enough to choose who they will live with. State laws concerning child custody vary, but some states allow children as young as 10 to express their desire for one parent over the other. This preference could be given weight during a custody trial and result in the non-custodial parent being given child custody. However, issues like this can also affect child support, encouraging the parents to fight in court for custody of the child.

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