The wife of an Illinois Town President has filed for divorce. She claims abuse as the grounds for the split. Although they appeared happy together during town events, both parties are now accusing each other of abusive behavior. The divorce comes after an apparent year of estrangement for the couple.

The woman once worked as the director of Cicero’s health clinic, but quit after claiming she suffered from mental abuse that was not detailed in news reporting the divorce. She was earning over $80,000 per year at that job. When she quit, she stated purportedly she hated working there because many people failed to show up for work. Her husband claims she suffers from ’emotional issues’ and asked her to get help for her problems. However, he did not elaborate on his statement.

The couple has been married since 2006. She is requesting their home as one part of her divorce. The man’s legal representation fired back against her accusations toward him and stated that he was never abusive to his spouse. He claims the only abuse victim in their marriage was him.

When Illinois couples divorce, proceedings can quickly turn bitter when accusations of abuse surface. Hopefully the couple will be able to successfully communicate in such a way that allows them to set aside their differences and come to an agreement fair to both of them. Doing so can reduce the length of time necessary to obtain the divorce and perhaps allow them to part on somewhat better terms. If they are not able to cooperate to negotiate and settle their differences, that responsibility will be left up to an Illinois judge through litigated proceedings in court.

Source: Chicago Sun-Times, “Cicero Town President Larry Dominick’s wife files for divorce,” Steve Warmbir, Nov. 7, 2012