Illinois parents can be well aware of the stress involved in a child custody battle, especially if the separation from the other parent turns bitter. In such cases, it can cause fear when it comes time for the other parent to have custody of the children. Many times the fear may be unfounded, but occasionally incidents occur where child custody issues are serious and potentially dangerous.

A man is accused of violating a child custody order after he allegedly took off with his 3-year-old child. Officers were at the man’s home attempting to resolve a custody dispute when he suddenly ran into the home with the child. He then took the child out of the back of the home and ran through several yards, knocking over trash cans as he fled.

The man was taken into police custody and has been charged with neglect of a dependent and resisting law enforcement. He is currently in jail. There was no word on whether the child’s mother was present at the time of the altercation.

Child custody battles in Illinois or anywhere else can be fraught with emotion. The reasons behind this one weren’t detailed in initial reports, but fortunately the child appears to be well and the father is now facing charges. While many custody battles won’t end up this serious, this could be eye-opening for those in bitter divorces or those in abusive relationships. Parents in that type of situation have legal options available to them. Researching those legal avenues could help when in the midst of child custody issues

Source: 14 News, “Police: Man violated custody order and took off with child,” Sean Edmondson, Oct. 26, 2012