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Illinois child support not always court-ordered

Matters of child support can turn an otherwise uneventful divorce into a lengthy court battle. Some Illinois parents resent the monthly payments, even though they are normally directed by court order. A town mayor will pay over $1,500 per month in child support after agreeing to a temporary court order. The couple had a prior divorce settlement, but his ex-wife went to court to amend their divorce settlement.

Wife seeks divorce from Illinois town president

The wife of an Illinois Town President has filed for divorce. She claims abuse as the grounds for the split. Although they appeared happy together during town events, both parties are now accusing each other of abusive behavior. The divorce comes after an apparent year of estrangement for the couple.

Illinois child support: Woman questions enforcing order

Child support can be a point of contention for many Illinois parents. In many cases it is court ordered, but sometimes parents struggle with the decision on whether another parent should be forced to pay. One woman has posed the question of whether she should take a chance and allow the husband to pay on his own or if she should pursue legal action concerning the child support.

Illinois child custody battles can turn bitter

Illinois parents can be well aware of the stress involved in a child custody battle, especially if the separation from the other parent turns bitter. In such cases, it can cause fear when it comes time for the other parent to have custody of the children. Many times the fear may be unfounded, but occasionally incidents occur where child custody issues are serious and potentially dangerous.

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