When most Illinois residents divorce, their cases are handled quietly within the circuit courts. However, sometimes a divorce becomes so acrimonious that it ends up being heard in a state’s highest court. Such is the case for a prominent couple who were unable to agree about their children so pursued the case to their state’s Supreme Court.

The wife wanted to move out of their state because she believed she would be able to find better care for their daughter, who suffered from Down’s Syndrome. However, the husband disagreed and eventually sought a divorce for irreconcilable differences. The woman initially requested over $25,000 a month in child support. The court awarded her an amount closer to $3,000. The man’s attorney stated that because the husband also pays for the girl’s health insurance and the majority of her medical treatments, it makes the actual amount of support well over $10,000 a month.

In addition, the woman was also awarded close to $4 million and joint custody of her daughter. However, the woman claimed her husband was an absent father and joint custody took away the stability her daughter needed and interrupted the woman’s breast-feeding schedule for their infant son. Both the husband and wife used different doctors in their case to recommend the best custody situation. Now the woman is trying to prove the court chose incorrectly when they sided with her husband’s choice. The case will soon be heard in the state Supreme Court.

Most divorce cases in Illinois will never get this far because many couples are able to work out their differences. However, sometimes couples going through an acrimonious divorce are unable to come to a compromise. When this occurs, couples should ensure they are aware of their legal rights concerning divorce and child custody so they can come to a settlement equitable to both parties.

Source: keloland.com “Couple’s Divorce Goes Before Supreme Court,” Brady Mallory, Oct. 2, 2012