Child support and custody battles can quickly turn contentious in Illinois and throughout the nation. One such battle is heating up in the courts and involves a woman suing a judge for child support and damages. The woman claims she had a 19-year relationship with the man and that he hadn’t stepped up to support their two children.

The woman claimed the judge had been her only sexual partner over the lengthy relationship, inferring that both of her children belonged to him. However, she failed to disclose that her daughter was conceived through artificial insemination. She believes that by signing the affidavit of paternity for her children, he is now responsible for both of them, even if her daughter is not his biological child.

The man signed the forms because he was led to believe that both children were his and he wanted to step up and do the right thing for his kids. The man’s attorney believes that at least one of the woman’s children does not belong to his client. The woman believes Michigan law is on her side and claims that once the paternity form is signed, you ‘step into the shoes of the father.’

Child support issues can be difficult for Illinois parents, but fortunately the law is there to help support those who are not receiving timely payments or no support at all. In cases like that, it would be in the best interest of the custodial parent to ensure they are aware of their legal rights. This could help them if their child support battle ends up in a courtroom.

Source:, “Genesee Circuit judge responsible for child not biologically his, attorney claims,” Ron Fonger, Oct. 1, 2012