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Illinois divorce and legal separation: Quaid divorce is imminent

Divorce is difficult for everyone, no matter their financial status. Prior to a divorce, some Illinois residents seek a legal separation as a precursor to filing formal divorce paperwork. This could help set a precedent for a divorce in the future because it can address such issues as child custody, alimony and even visitation with the children. In recent news, Dennis Quaid's wife has sought one such legal separation, even as reports say that an official divorce filing is imminent.

Farmville assets could be worth cash in an Illinois divorce

Illinois couples going through a divorce may not stop to think about their digital assets when they're trying to come to a settlement. However, some of these assets may be worth further examination, especially with the onslaught of technology people use in their daily lives. Some questions to address in a divorce settlement may include who receives the iTunes library, iPad, or even stranger, the Farmville assets.

Law can help Illinois parents in a child support battle

Child support and custody battles can quickly turn contentious in Illinois and throughout the nation. One such battle is heating up in the courts and involves a woman suing a judge for child support and damages. The woman claims she had a 19-year relationship with the man and that he hadn't stepped up to support their two children.

An acrimonious divorce can't be settled right away

When most Illinois residents divorce, their cases are handled quietly within the circuit courts. However, sometimes a divorce becomes so acrimonious that it ends up being heard in a state's highest court. Such is the case for a prominent couple who were unable to agree about their children so pursued the case to their state's Supreme Court.

Illinois parents can pursue child support through the courts

Living without child support can take a financial and emotional toll on Illinois parents. Fortunately, such parents have legal recourse available. For example, a female attorney has filed a lawsuit seeking child support against a judge she says fathered her two children. She claims the two were involved in a relationship for almost two decades, but says that although she has asked him to provide for their children, he has never done so at a reasonable level.

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