An interesting study from researchers at a prominent American university is making headlines. The study looks at the drinking habits of married people and compares them to those of individuals going through a divorce. The results may surprise Illinois residents. Overall, researchers found that middle-aged married women tended to drink more than their divorced counterparts, while married men actually drank less than divorced men. However, the numbers went up for both men and women during the timeframe of an active divorce proceeding.

The numbers showed that on average, married women consumed 9 drinks per month, whereas divorced women consumed only 6.5. For married men, the number of consumed drinks per month was much higher at 19.2. However, for divorced men, the number actually increased to 21.5, the highest level of consumption for any group surveyed.

Researchers believe that men may turn to alcohol as a way to cope with the stresses of divorce. Women, however, often turn to family members or even food. They also believed that many women involved were actually introduced to alcohol by their spouses, and that men tended to gravitate toward environments with friends where alcohol is common. Researchers hope to present their findings soon in hopes of finding healthier coping solutions for future generations.

The results of this study suggest that men may drink more than women during a divorce, while women may use different methods of getting through the transition. Interestingly, married men may to lower their drinking rates once married, but divorce appears to exacerbate alcohol use. Illinois residents currently going through divorce are aware of how difficult and stressful this time can be. Hopefully this study can make both men and women aware of the tendency to drink more during a divorce, and in turn promote healthier coping mechanisms. While different individuals handle stress in different manners, the right advice may help keep a party to a divorce proceeding on an even keel and directed toward the goal of achieving the equitable settlement they deserve.

Source:, “Does Your Husband Drive You To Drink? No Worries, You’re Not Alone,” Connie K. Ho, Aug. 23, 2012