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Options for Illinois parents involved in child custody battles

Illinois parents in the midst of a child custody battle know the financial and emotional effects it can have on a family. Most parents will love their children and wish to be with them as much as possible. However, when a divorce occurs, parents can seemingly become completely different people and when this occurs the children involved can suffer. Children can be extremely perceptive when it comes to such matters, and know when the atmosphere within the home becomes unhealthy. To minimize the effects of a child custody battle, parents can do several things.

Illinois divorce: Study links cold feet and marital separation

Many Illinois couples experience anxiety prior to their wedding. However, a recent study shows that anxiety could be linked to higher divorce rates. Statistics report that two-thirds of couples about to get married experience pre-wedding jitters, but the study also found that those people who have doubts may be more prone to divorce in the future. Such results may show a need for more preparation prior to the wedding in the form of a prenuptial agreement. For those who may have already gone through a divorce, this story may help encourage them to listen to their intuition if they want to marry again in the future.

Technology: Invaluable child custody tool for Illinois parents

Technology can be wonderful for Illinois parents who are trying to juggle child custody. However, recent research shows that some parents may be using social media and technology in ways that can actually harm or manipulate their children. The research examined the communication habits of 49 couples, and the results suggest that those who were involved in a bitter divorce or child custody dispute tended to use technology as a weapon, by limiting access to the kids or even denying they received messages from their ex.

Illinois divorce: Men tend to consume more alcohol during divorce

An interesting study from researchers at a prominent American university is making headlines. The study looks at the drinking habits of married people and compares them to those of individuals going through a divorce. The results may surprise Illinois residents. Overall, researchers found that middle-aged married women tended to drink more than their divorced counterparts, while married men actually drank less than divorced men. However, the numbers went up for both men and women during the timeframe of an active divorce proceeding.

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