Families in Illinois and nationwide who have gone through the process of adoption are aware of the joy it can bring. For some families though, adoption can bring lengthy court battles. One family has scored a victory in the courts recently. The young boy now has a chance to grow up with a family who loves him and with whom he has been living for several years.

A judge has given parental rights to a couple seeking the adoption of a small child. The boy’s mother was inside of the country illegally and began to work at a poultry plant, using a false social security number. The woman gave birth to a boy but was arrested after an immigration raid. The woman was separated from the child and he was handed over to relatives. Later, friends began to care for him and they apparently found a couple who wanted a child of their own.

The friends allowed the couple to care for the boy and they filed adoption paperwork, claiming the mother had abandoned him. The mother fought the adoption and refused to sign the paperwork. She stated she only needed someone to care for her son until she was released from jail. However, a family court judge ruled in the couple’s favor and they gained parental rights.

When the woman was released, she attempted to regain custody. Initially, she scored a victory through the state’s highest court, which ruled that adoption laws were not adhered to by the lower court judge. However, the most recent ruling to the case found the mother did indeed abandon the child and again gave the couple parental rights. This recent ruling now has cleared the way for the couple to adopt this child as their own.

In a case like this, it can seem like no one wins. The child is almost six years old and has grown up with the family that wishes to adopt him. While the biological mother had very unfortunate circumstances, the boy’s other family has apparently grown to love him and wishes to raise him as a legal member of their family. For Illinois residents, adoption can be an answer to the prayer of having a child. Even with the potential for a court battle, gaining such a precious asset to the family may very well be worth it.

Source: NBC Latino, “Fallout continues after undocumented mother loses child in custody fight with Missouri couple,” Sandra Lilley, July 26, 2012