Child support fights can be common among Illinois parents who have divorced or separated. However, when one parent deliberately attempts to hide their income to avoid paying, the fight can often move from family court to criminal court. Such is the case for a man who is over $100,000 behind in his child support obligation. Now, investigators have issued a warrant seeking the man’s Facebook account information.

He is currently wanted by authorities for several felony counts related to his child support. In 1994, he was court ordered to begin paying child support for his daughter; however, his last payment was made in 1996. The man claims his last place of employment was at Gold’s Gym in 1996. Online postings claim he is actually a personal trainer charging upwards of $100 per hour.

Facebook has cooperated with the terms of the warrant and has handed over the man’s account information including pictures, messages, comments and his IP activity. The warrant detailed how parents may occasionally hide their income to avoid paying child support. The man in this matter has touted his ‘Zero to Hero TV’ program on the web and boasts of being a personal trainer for various celebrities.

Court ordered child support is not optional; it’s the law. Hiding one’s income to avoid paying can bring stiff penalties and even jail time for Illinois parents. If a parent is struggling to pay their child support, options exist to help. With documented hardship or a loss of employment, a parent may be able to have their child support obligation reduced until they get back on their feet. Parents on both sides of this issue would be well advised to gain full understanding of the child support statutes in their state before deciding to move forward with a civil suit.

Source: JSOnline, “Investigators tap Facebook for details in child support case,” John Diedrich, Aug. 3, 2012