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Illinois child custody: Mother in heated battle over pageants

Even after an Illinois divorce is over, child custody battles can still result. A mother accused of sexualizing her daughter is embroiled in a custody fight over her decision to allow her daughter to compete in the pageant circuit. The woman garnered nationwide attention when she allowed her daughter to dress up as Dolly Parton; as a result, the little girl's father is now requesting full child custody.

Don't let an Arkansas divorce wreck your credit rating

One of the unfortunate results of an Arkansas divorce can be a hit to one's credit rating. While an individual's marital status has no direct bearing on a credit report, divorce can affect credit indirectly. Paying attention to a few key things during the negotiation process can help people avoid credit problems once the divorce has been finalized.

Illinois child support: Hiding income could result in charges

Child support fights can be common among Illinois parents who have divorced or separated. However, when one parent deliberately attempts to hide their income to avoid paying, the fight can often move from family court to criminal court. Such is the case for a man who is over $100,000 behind in his child support obligation. Now, investigators have issued a warrant seeking the man's Facebook account information.

Navigating Illinois child custody after a divorce

Illinois parents who have gone through a divorce are aware of the constant demands of single-parenting and working with the other parent to manage their children's schedule. Many divorced spouses may have mistakenly believed that after the separation they could be free of the other person. Unfortunately, once children are involved, parents are required to deal with each other on a regular basis because of child custody concerns, making it even more important for parents to attempt to work through their emotional responses to the separation and co-exist peacefully for the children.

Family seeks court approval to adopt a young child

Families in Illinois and nationwide who have gone through the process of adoption are aware of the joy it can bring. For some families though, adoption can bring lengthy court battles. One family has scored a victory in the courts recently. The young boy now has a chance to grow up with a family who loves him and with whom he has been living for several years.

Challenges facing single Illinois parents

Illinois parents are already faced with a difficult road after the breakup of a relationship. When a child is involved, the road can get bumpy, especially when child support and quality parenting time come into play. While both parents wish to be with their children, sometimes one parent can end up bearing the brunt of financial responsibility. A recent article discusses a correlation between perceptions of single parenthood and public policies.

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