Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes rocked world headlines recently when news of their split broke across mainstream media. Rockford residents are likely familiar with this power couple and have probably already heard the news about their divorce. Holmes took the first step, filing for divorce outside of the state in which they normally reside, in what many perceived was a strategic move on her part to gain legal custody of their 6-year-old daughter.

This is Cruise’s third marriage and the first for Holmes. Speculation abounds about whether this most recent move will hurt Cruise’s image. He has been plagued by rumors after his mysterious behavior on Oprah after meeting Holmes, and then when videos featuring Cruise’s beliefs about Scientology were leaked to the media. A divorce may raise questions about his personal beliefs, which are perceived by many people to be outside of the norm.

Holmes filed for divorce in the state of New York, raising questions about whether she was attempting to gain leverage against Cruise in their divorce case. Surprisingly, though, the former couple settled matters very quickly, and in general the divorce agreement appears to have gone smoothly. Holmes and Cruise were able to decide on the post-divorce arrangement privately and outside of court, which is a goal many Illinois residents share with celebrities and non-celebrities alike.

It remains to be seen, however, whether the divorce settlement is such that it prevents future disputes between the stars. Rockford residents who are considering divorce will want to be aware of every option for reaching a post-divorce arrangement that will keep the parties out of court in the future. Disputes after a divorce mean extra costs, so taking the necessary precautions the first time around is extremely important, both for the divorcing parties and their children.

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