While many Illinois couples would think a frank discussion about children would come before vows, a lot of people don’t truly discuss the issue until it’s too late. Other times, individuals even believe the other party will change his or mind about kids after a wedding. For these reasons, many married couples find themselves at odds about children, and some of those marriages end up in divorce. With that in mind, Rockford residents may be interested in a question posed in a recent Huffington Post article: Is divorce easier for people who don’t have children?

While it may seem like an easy question to answer, for a lot of people who’ve experienced divorce, it’s unimaginable that the process could be any more difficult, even if kids weren’t involved. Bestselling author Elizabeth Gilbert found herself in this position after she came to the conclusion that she never wanted children with her former husband or anyone else. What resulted was a bitter divorce that cost her financially and emotionally.

It’s true that not having children can help couples avoid nasty custody or child support disputes; however, childless couples going through divorce experience many of the same issues other couples do. It’s common for people worry about whether they will continue to make the same relationship mistakes as were made during the marriage. And other people worry they won’t be able to maintain the same lifestyle they had before.

Having children can cause more legal complications in a divorce, but not having kids doesn’t necessarily reduce the emotional toll that divorce can bring. Nevertheless, most people are able to chart a course through divorce that leads to the new beginning that was hoped for, and seeking the best legal advice available is often an indispensible step toward achieving that goal.

Source: Huffington Post, “Is Divorce Easier If You Don’t Have Kids?” Vicki Larson, July 12, 2012