For many people in Illinois and throughout the country, disputes between divorced individuals are not necessarily resolved even after the divorce settlement is signed. Our readers in Rockford may be interested in the ongoing conflict between country music star Randy Travis and his ex-wife.

The former couple has been divorced for about two years, but they are back in court, battling over what the ex-wife claims was the singer’s interference with her role as his manager. Their divorce may qualify as one of the most heated celebrity cases in recent memory, and the dispute shows no signs of cooling down.

Randy’s ex-wife, Elizabeth, filed suit against him, claiming her contract as his manager was terminated with no written notice. She says the singer instructed people show up at her office with a truck in order to move computers, documents and other memorabilia off the premises.

However, Randy denies her claims, stating that Elizabeth breached her contract as his manager by spilling personal details about him in an effort to ruin his music career. The singer also claims his former wife tried to cheat him financially by overinflating her travel expenses. The ex-husband is requesting that a judge deny the ex-wife’s request for back fees related to her management services.

Other couples who are considering divorce would no doubt like to avoid a prolonged and costly legal dispute after the divorce settlement is signed. To ensure an equitable division of assets and a fair order for spousal and child support, Illinois residents should be aware of their rights, both as spouses and parents.

Source: ABC News, “Randy Travis Tops Nasty Celebrity Divorce,” Luchina Fisher & Sheila Marikar, May 30, 2012