Parents in the Rockford area who are engaged in a child custody dispute may be interested in a potentially groundbreaking case that has been pending for quite some time. Child custody battles can be drawn out and emotionally draining, but in this case, the father is finally about to be reunited with a daughter he has been fighting to see for four years.

The father and mother in this case were never married. After the mother became pregnant, however, the couple’s relationship dissolved. The woman moved out of state and gave birth to a little girl, and the father became concerned that the mother would give the child up.

And that is apparently what she did. The mother allowed her brother to adopt the little girl without the biological father’s permission.

In response, the father filed a paternity action in Utah, where the child was born, but the action was initially dismissed. The dismissal was appealed to the Utah Supreme Court and then was remanded to a district court. There, the judge transferred the case back to the state of Colorado, where the father lives, after requiring a therapist to begin working with father and daughter to help them build a relationship.

The next important issue to be raised is the custody of the little girl. Specifically, which parent would receive custody and which would have visitation rights? For now, the man is pleased with his court victory and looks forward to getting to know his daughter. Despite the legal expenses he has incurred, he says the money was spent for his little girl and that he feels closer to victory now than he has in years.

The case is especially important because it addresses the rights of an unmarried father in child custody litigation. While this case is unfolding outside of Illinois, parents in the Rockford area may have similar concerns and will want to be fully aware of their parental rights.

Source: KSL, “Colorado man happy to be at home in custody battle,” Lori Prichard, May 1, 2012