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High-asset marriages should utilize prenuptial agreements

Illinois couples considering marriage may wish to look into the benefits of a prenuptial agreement. If a marriage ends in divorce, a prenuptial agreement is a helpful tool for protecting assets and keeping one's finances secure.

Mother struggles for return of child from overseas

It is typical for emotions to run high in child custody disputes. Children are precious, and ensuring their protection and well-being is one of the most important aspects of many divorce settlements. Parents in Illinois with child custody concerns will be interested in a complicated case involving a mother who is fighting to be reunited with her 14-month-old daughter.

Rockford residents should evaluate finances before a divorce

When Illinois couples go through divorce, a major concern on the minds of both parties is what their financial situations will be after the separation is finalized. Keeping tabs on assets, debts and the general state of one's finances will not only help limit surprises after a divorce, but also make the process of dividing marital property go much more smoothly. To reduce costs in the long run and the short run, divorcing couples in Rockford should carefully evaluate the health of their finances.

Long child custody dispute a lesson for Illinois parents

Parents in the Rockford area who are engaged in a child custody dispute may be interested in a potentially groundbreaking case that has been pending for quite some time. Child custody battles can be drawn out and emotionally draining, but in this case, the father is finally about to be reunited with a daughter he has been fighting to see for four years.

Bad economy forces Freeport couple to consider divorce

With the ongoing slump in the national economy, a saddening trend is presenting itself in Illinois and throughout the country: couples deciding to divorce for economic reasons. A recent news article follows a couple in Freeport as they decide to navigate the murky waters of divorce not because they have fallen out of love with each other, but because they need money. The man and wife say they didn't want to divorce, but they felt like they had to after considering their financial hardship.

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