For many people living in Rockford and elsewhere in Illinois, child support payments are not a luxury, but rather a necessity. It is no secret that delinquent payments can and do cause hardships for many parents who are doing their best to raise a child. Sometimes, lack of child support payments can result in a parent and child being forced out of a home or the parent being unable to meet everyday expenses such as food. For Illinois residents who are facing this kind of upheaval, the MotherHouse Crisis Nursery in Rockford may be a source of help.

MotherHouse Crisis Nursery helps many Rockford residents with child care when the parents are faced with problems such as medical emergencies, fires, loss of a job and other problems. Within northern Illinois, the nursery is the only center of its kind and is open around the clock to assist those in need. The facility can take in children who are 6 years old or younger for as long as three days while family members get a foothold on their problems. Children are given a safe place to live and sleep, along with nutritious meals, and are supervised by a licensed staff.

While the nursery cannot solve issues associated with late child support payments, it can offer some temporary relief by providing child care in emergency situations. For individuals facing issues related to late child support, Illinois state law has provisions for the enforcement of payment. These options include a number of penalties, including even jail time in severe cases.

The work of the Rockford crisis nursery is certainly welcome news for those in need, but resolving the underlying factors is another important course of action for parents trying to raise a family in these tough economic times.

Source: Rockford Register Star, “MotherHouse Crisis Nursery is a gift to our city,” Jill Deutsch, Feb. 15, 2012