For Illinois couples, child support conflicts can arise long after the ink is dry on the final divorce papers. A high-profile example of this kind of dispute is happening currently between supermodel Christie Brinkley and her ex-husband Peter Cook. The former spouses have been divorced since 2008 and are continuing to make headlines while news sources cover their public spat. The most recent incident involves Brinkley accusing Cook of being a “deadbeat dad,” claiming the architect is $32,000 behind in child support.

Brinkley recently filed a court motion accusing Cook of harassing her through e-mail. She also alleges the architect owes child support payments for school and summer camps for their two children, ages 16 and 13. Cook’s lawyer fired back, accusing Brinkley of slander and stating that she left the children with their father for five months while attempting to initiate an acting career, all the while failing to provide any monetary support for the kids.

In addition, Cook’s attorney noted that his client often made support payments six months in advance until Brinkley left the children with him. Cook strongly objects to Brinkley’s assertion that she has been the sole provider for the children. Apparently, the father had custody of the children for 70 percent of the time over the last year while Brinkley was working.

With both sides flinging accusations back and forth in a very public battle of wills, it is likely that this child support dispute will end up back in court.

Readers in the Rockford area know that divorce and child support issues can be an emotional time for everyone involved, including the children. However, it is helpful when the adults make efforts to keep the lines of communication open. Aside from the benefits such behavior can have for the children, it can also help prevent costly court battles that neither parent likely wants.

Source: New York Daily News, “Cook and Brinkley back in the scrap yard,” March 15, 2012