Valentine’s Day is traditionally a day of love and romance in and around Rockford. Restaurants are normally overflowing with customers ready to share Valentine’s Day specials. Some rush to pick up flowers and chocolates that they probably should have remembered earlier. And while love is definitely in the air, a recent report notes that others in Illinois and throughout the country seem to use the time around Valentine’s Day for something else altogether — filing for divorce.

Mid-January to mid-February is said to be when most people file for divorce. Initially this might sound strange, but there are several theories that seek to explain why this occurs. Some believe that couples don’t want to put a damper on the year-end holidays, and wait until the holidays are over before proceeding with their plans to part ways. This appears to make sense, especially when children are involved and family gatherings have already been planned.

Other couples may be waiting to see if Valentine’s Day reignites an otherwise faltering relationship. The hope, of course, is that a romantic day might rekindle a spark that is presumably missing. Unfortunately, some may only be disappointed and decide that it is the appropriate time to make a change. Nevertheless, divorce is a major decision that will affect the lives of everyone involved. And it is fair to say that this is the type of decision that normally includes significant reflection and contemplation.

Once a couple has decided to divorce, a process is put in motion that requires some strategic thinking. Child custody, property division, and spousal maintenance are just some of legal issues that must be addressed. Couples in the Rockford area would benefit by careful consideration of all important matters with a view towards negotiating a marriage dissolution that is equitable and dignified. While divorce is often challenging and life-changing, it can also be a positive and productive change for the entire family.

Source:, “Divorce tends to spike around Valentine’s,” Shana Rose, Feb. 13, 2012