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Co-parenting with nesting

Illinois parents who are getting a divorce may want to consider nesting as part of their co-parenting arrangement. Nesting, which entails allowing the children to remain in the family home while the parents come and go according to their custody schedule, provide a number of benefits for the children.

Likelihood of divorce correlated to husband's employment

In 2016, the "American Sociological Review" published a study that found that one of the major factors in whether a couple would divorce was the employment status of the husband. This means that if a husband in Illinois does not work full time, the marriage has a 3.3 percent chance of getting a divorce in any given year. In a marriage in which the husband works full time, the chance drops to 2.5 percent.

What causes gray divorces

Older Illinois couples who are considering ending their marriages should know that the rate for gray divorces, or divorces for individuals aged 50 or older, has been increasing. They may also be surprised to learn about the factors that are contributing to this.

Getting divorced after starting a business

When Illinois couples go into business together, it is recommended that they should discuss buyout clauses in the event that they get divorced. While this can be an uncomfortable discussion as it can insinuate that one or both individuals are anticipating a divorce down the line, it can also help ensure that the business will survive even if the marriage does not.

Divorce rates high among older couples

Older adults in Illinois and throughout the country may be twice as likely to divorce as the same age group was in 1990 while the divorce rate among married couples is going down. Experts attribute these trends to a number of different factors including overall marital instability among the baby boomer generation and a later age at marriage for younger people. For people at or over the age of 65, the divorce rate tripled compared to 1990. However, following a sharp rise, the divorce rate for the 50-and-older age group has remained steady for nearly a decade.

How prenuptial agreements may protect assets

Illinois residents who are getting married might want to consider having a prenuptial agreement. If they have children from a previous relationship, a business, or significant assets, the agreement may be particularly important. People whose spouses-to-be have significant debt might also want to do so because if they do not and the marriage ends in divorce, they might be liable for a portion of it.

Frozen embryos from IVF can create a divorce problem

Most Illinois parents whose marriages are ending will need to make decisions about property division and child custody. Although emotions might make these issues difficult to deal with, laws exist that for the most part can be applied in a clear fashion. Embryos created by in-vitro fertilization, however, present a problem because few laws address how to treat them in the event of a divorce, and courts have rarely dealt with this issue.

Why millennials want prenups

When young couples in Illinois decide to tie the knot, they are likely planning for a future of love, happiness and companionship. The reality is, however, that marriages sometimes break down. As a result, it may be important for millennials to consider the need for prenuptial agreements.

Divorce rate decreasing, marriage rate slowly rising

Illinois residents may be interested in learning that, after a dramatic peak in the divorce rate in the 1970s, the number of people seeking to end their marriage has decreased in recent years. The precise reasons for this increase and decrease are not known, although experts have made speculations as to the cause over the years. By a similar token, the marriage rate has also been in flux.

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