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Going through a gray divorce

Illinois couples who decide to end their marriage might not have realized that the longer they have been together the more expensive their divorce might be. This often means that divorces later in life can have significant financial consequences.

Potential pitfalls in property division

Illinois couples who are getting a divorce should be aware of several common mistakes people make when it comes to property division. For many, one of those is keeping the family home. People often underestimate the expense of the upkeep that will be required on a single income.

Job and income related to divorce rate

There are many reasons for Illinois residents to get divorced, but factors related to employment and income are common. Certain jobs may make a person statistically more or less likely to get divorced, and income levels also play an important role in outcomes, asset division and alimony. It is helpful to understand how people's occupations affects their divorce risk.

Advantages of prenuptial agreements

Illinois millennials might be more likely to have a prenuptial agreement than earlier generations. They are marrying at a later age than previous generations and coming into marriages with assets and debts that they might want to keep separate. While in the 1970s about 80 percent of people were married by the age of 30, the same percentage in 2016 was not reached until the age of 45. In 1975, more than 40 percent of women did not work outside the home. By 2016, that percentage had dropped to 14 percent. People in their 20s and 30s are also prioritizing financial stability before getting married.

Tips for the lower income spouse in a divorce

When an Illinois couple ends their marriage and one has earned less money than the other, that person might want to make a financial plan for after the divorce. The lower earning spouse is often a woman. Women are still paid less than men at 82 cents to the dollar. One reason for this is that women are more likely to take on care-giving for older relatives and children. This can limit their career opportunities and opportunities to save money since they often have to work fewer hours.

Divorce and retirement accounts

Some divorced couples end up returning to an Illinois court for an agreement modification, but many others can only wish they had the opportunity to do it all over again. Unfortunately, not all mistakes can be fixed after the fact and are best off avoided in the first place. One potentially costly error is failure to obtain a qualified domestic relations order (QDRO) prior to the division of a retirement account.

How health care can have an impact on a divorce

With the future of health care being so uncertain, some Illinois couples planning to get a divorce have put the separation process on hold. Some spouses, especially those with pre-existing conditions, are worried that they may no longer be able to afford health insurance if the Affordable Care Act is repealed and replaced by the Better Care Reconciliation Act.

Common divorce myths that are false

When an Illinois resident announced that he or she is going through a divorce, family, friends and minor acquaintances may jump at the chance to offer advice. However, it is likely that much of this advice will be either inapplicable to a person's case or flat out wrong due to a variety of popular divorce myths that continue to be brought up.

Co-parenting with nesting

Illinois parents who are getting a divorce may want to consider nesting as part of their co-parenting arrangement. Nesting, which entails allowing the children to remain in the family home while the parents come and go according to their custody schedule, provide a number of benefits for the children.

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