We Work To Protect The Best Interests Of You And Your Child

No issue is more divisive and volatile than custody of children. Old resentments bubble to the surface, and the other spouse reacts in anger or spite. If you fight back to hold your ground, the kids are caught in the middle.

Zuba & Associates, P.C. tries not to fan the flames. We know that a bitter custody trial can devastate children, sap your finances, and destroy the parenting truce. We promote a peaceful resolution but we will vigorously protect and represent your interests at trial when necessary.

Determining Custody And Parenting Terms

Most parents approach child custody with the intention of working it out. We are there to facilitate a workable custody agreement, consulting closely with clients to negotiate fair and reasonable terms.

Illinois law requires mediation when disputes reach an impasse. Zuba & Associates, P.C. is familiar with mediators in the Winnebago County and surrounding areas, and can guide you to one with a high rate of success. We will prepare you fully for the session to stand your ground and state your case.

If mediation does not produce results, the court may require that a guardian ad litem or a children's representative intervene to ensure that the interests of each child are represented. The next step is appointment of a clinical psychologist or custody evaluator. Again, we can point you in the direction of qualified children's advocates, and advise you in advance of their investigation.

Prepared To Litigate When Necessary

Unfortunately, litigation may be the only recourse in the end. James Zuba offers almost 30 years of trial experience, including 12 years of federal prosecution against some of the toughest legal adversaries. He is more than equal to the task and ready to promote your interests aggressively in court. This experience allows him to vigorously represent your interests in the event of a custody dispute.

The main issues are legal custody (decision-making on behalf of the child) and placement (where the child will live after divorce). The court presumes joint legal custody, with one parent typically awarded primary physical custody and the other parent getting visitation or parenting time. The lawyers at Zuba & Associates, P.C. strive to negotiate acceptable terms and spell out the specifics to avoid future conflicts.

If you believe that sole custody is truly in the best interests of your child because of the other parent's mistreatment or inability to provide proper care or because both parents are simply unable to communicate regarding the best interests of the child or children, we will advocate strongly on your behalf. We will help you line up witnesses or other clear evidence that the other parent is unfit to share custody.

Proven Effective Advocates
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